Anime Mania (Roblox) Wiki

This is where you redeem codes.

Friendly Reminder: We are not the developers, so we can not add new codes or remove them.

Codes can be used to obtain free rewards such as gems and gold of different amounts. How to use codes:

Join a server, click the blue button that says "Codes" at the bottom left side of the screen, and enter the code you would like to redeem (that are still active).

Working Codes

Code Rewards (Click Expand To See Codes)
IFOLLOWEDYOU 50 Gems and 100 Gold
MHARelease? 500 Gems

Expired Codes

Code Reward (Click Expand To See Codes)
Miracle Gems and Gold
Dessi 650 Gems and 1k Gold
Aricku 500 Gems and 1k Gold
SPGBlackStar 500 Gems
atlastZerO 500 Gems and 1k Gold
EtherealMiracool Gems and Gold
OffClan Gems and Gold
etherealmiracleE 500 Gems and Gold
HWYT 500 Gems
100K! 1k gems and 3k gold
maruto2? 600 Gems and 1000 Gold
OFFSM00K 350 Gems and 1k Gold
JOJOUPDATE 300 Gems and Gold
Star 625 Gems and 1000 Gold
HotFIX 1500 gems
1PIECE 1.2k gems
TWITTEREYES 500 Gems and Gold
FIXITROBLOX 400 Gems and Gold
REAPER? 250 Gems and Gold
STRESSTEST 450 Gems and Gold
bugsFIX 450 Gems
animeMANIAHYPE 500 Gems and Gold
SORRYABOUTTHAT 500 Gems and Gold
100MILVISITS 1500 Gems and 10k Gold
OffMeno 1k Gems
ibeMaine 500 Gems

Codes are being tested weekly in order to provide updates to the code section, and inform players whether certain codes are up still, or not.

Please do inform a staff member of any missed codes or if any codes are expired since they could expire at any moment without us knowing